Who We Are​

Founded in November 2020, under the guidance of FEMA, and in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the LTRO mobilizes information and resources to address unmet needs of the local community in times of disaster. We work with civic, block and neighborhood groups, immigrant and other communities that, because of economic, racial-ethnic or ability based disparities, may have been more adversely affected by a crisis or may have more human need. We are volunteer led, grassroots, locally-focused and creative in calling upon the strengths a community may never realized it had. ​​

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Staten Island Interfaith and Community Long Term Recovery Organization to harness and justly distribute the resources of donors and supporters here in Staten Island and across the nation to foster an effective long term recovery of Staten Island in response to Super Storm Sandy as well as provide a vehicle for disaster preparedness and future emergency response.

Our Values

We believe that all persons must be treated with dignity and respect.

We commit to working in solidarity with the people of Staten Island and uphold their right to a self-determined and empowered community.

We value transparency and accessibility in information sharing, communication, and education at all levels.

We value safe and sustainable housing so that everyone is able to return or remain in their community and we advocate for an inclusive and just recovery.

We believe that access to the resources necessary for disaster recovery, resiliency, and preparedness is a tenant of human dignity.

Our Member Directory has information about all of our member organizations.

If your organization would like to become an official member of the SILTRO please complete this form: LTRO membership form.

For more information about our organization and structure, read our Bylaws

The SILTRO adheres to the National VOAD Points of Consensus for Long Term Recovery Groups